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Why do you need to install CCTV in your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse?

Assuming yours is a small set-up with no security guard, however, you store your valuable goods in the Factory,Workshops,Warehouse imported from overseas pending delivery to your potential customers. You locked your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse most of the times and access is granted to limited personnel only. Even so, you cannot be sure whether other people could have intruded into your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse when your workers are busy working. The first benefit of having a CCTV installed is you are able to monitor the workers’ activities within the Factory,Workshops,Warehouse and identify intruder, if any e.g. your competitor who could have entered your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse.

Since you did not hire any security guard, you could place the TV in the office where you and your staff are seated for monitoring the activities within and without the Factory,Workshops,Warehouse. The second benefit of having a CCTV camera is it serves as a deterrent to anyone who intend to cause mischief or sabotage during the day as they know they are being watched and could easily be caught with hard evidence available.

The third benefit of CCTV is that it works 24 hours a day i.e. including at night. Whilst you have most likely locked the Factory,Workshops,Warehouse or linked to some burglar system, only the CCTV system is able to capture the image of anyone who enters the Factory,Workshops,Warehouse. So if there are anything found amiss the next morning, e.g. broken lock and goods missing, the perpetrators can be identified by going through the footage and could be more quickly nabbed by the Police. Even a security guard, may not have noticed the intruders or may not be able to describe the burglars if asked to do so.

Finally, if you are considering insuring your goods from theft but you do not want to pay exorbitant premiums, having CCTV surveillance system that works 24 hours a day is definitely one measure to help you negotiate for lower premiums.

Install CCTV surveillance to deter anyone who wishes to intrude your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse or help you recover your loss in the unfortunate event of your Factory,Workshops,Warehouse being broken into. So install one now for peace of mind at all times, if you haven’t already done so!