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Install CCTV in Offices

Closed circuit television or more commonly known as CCTV are an increasingly common item in offices. It is simply the use of a video camera to transmit the video captured by the camera to a location for the viewing pleasure of the user. It is mainly used for surveillance of a particular area which the CCTV is monitoring. The cost of a CCTV varies a lot , depending on specification and requirement. A CCTV mainly consists of a small video camera, a recorder, and a hard disk of a fixed memory space.

To look for a suitable CCTV, one has to ask oneself what one needs it for and what does one want to monitor. Then one may need to think through the specifications of the CCTV, such as the transmission method, image quality, type of camera, frame rates, lighting, display monitors, storage capacity & recording. Following up is the installation which one can install by oneself or by calling a professional to do so. The last step is to assess the performance of it, in particular, one should test for the camera’s area of vision, quality of the recording, and lastly the motion detection and operation of the alarms.

Now, why would someone pay so much for a small video camera with a recorder? Why of course, it’s for surveillance purposes! However, there are different reasons for surveillance. At the office, it could be to monitor theft of property, criminal damage, business crime, undesirable activities at the workforce and lastly to monitor the work rate or efficiency of the employees at the office, which could be used as training aid as a means to improve productivity.

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