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Upgrade to IP Camera

The following key points outline the immediate benefits of upgrading an existing analog CCTV system to a digital IP system:

Better resolution

IP cameras have image resolutions that are up to 20 times higher than analog. Using HD (high-definition) technology, IP systems result in greater source image quality and video that can be further enhanced with many powerful software options that exist.


Analog systems send a signal directly from camera to TV with a simple wire that can be intercepted easily by anyone with common cabling equipment. This is a serious flaw! In contrast, IP digital signals are first encrypted before being transmitted ensuring enhanced security and a signal that cannot be compromised or intercepted.

Remote access

IP cameras exist as part of a network that can be connected to the internet. This allows features such as off-site storage and management. Also, IP systems are compatible with a wide range of software and Apps that allow for remote access. Users can log into their security system from anywhere and view their home or business.


Analog systems are difficult to expand with additional cameras because of the limited number of ports available on typical CCTV equipment and may require additional expensive components. IP systems are designed with scalability in mind. They can accept an unlimited number of cameras, can be combined with existing systems and typically do not require professional installation. Thus, they are cheaper and easier to scale up as security needs change.

Ease of installation

Many IP cameras are wireless which makes installation simple and less costly by eliminating wiring costs and the professional labor needed to install it. If wired IP cameras are selected as an upgrade they can often use existing wires, further reducing installation hassles.

Mass storage options

Analog video is difficult to store, requires antiquated equipment such as VCRs and is susceptible to physical damage when stored on tape. IP systems use digital technology and massive amounts of surveillance video can be easily stored on computer drives and web servers. In addition, digital storage is easy to backup for redundancy and protection from data loss or damage.

Cost effective

IP systems may have some higher initial component costs over analog but their advantages in features, media storage and scalability result in greater cost savings over the long term. In fact, using a combination system with an analog to IP converter allows users to take advantage of existing analog cameras while adding additional features that are only available on digital systems.